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Monday, 13 July 2015 19:53

Calm Technology, Continual Disruption, Playfulness and White Water Kayaking - John Seely Brown

John Seely Brown




View online: http://www.johnseelybrown.com/newsletter_july15.html

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DOWNLOAD:   Cultivating   the Entrepreneurial Learner in the 21st Century (PDF)



Navigating   Continual Disruption: A report on the 2014 Aspen Institute Roundtable on Institutional Innovation



  The Coming Age of Calm Technology
  re:form revisits as essay on the future of computing
  Calm Tech, Then   and Now >> re:form interviews JSB




Let me start by speaking very personally. I envy   you all.

You are graduating and starting the next phase of your life at   an amazing time.

The tools you have been exposed to, the knowledge and skills   your have picked up through hard work and play, the networks you have woven   for yourselves empower you to do amazing things IF, that is, you are willing   to exercise your imagination; and   to invoke the social networks you have built to enroll others in the future   you are forging for yourselves, for your families, for Arizona and for the   world.

You are transitioning from being a student to being an   entrepreneurial learner – a learner who is skilled at learning with and from   your interactions with the world and with others. You will be engaged in   quests where you will draw on known resources all around you but you will   also need to discover hidden resources to help you do what others might think   impossible. >>

WATCH: 2015   commencement speech at Arizona   State University >>


And, in case you missed this one last year: Olin College   Commencement Address 2014



John Seely Brown at the Oxford   Internet Institute




Reimagining the University

Our model of learning is changing. Play becomes a space of   invention and permission. A space to discover and try out   new things. Curiosity is a new agent of learning.

A   library is a community hub, where thinkers, dreamers and doers can come   together to seek solutions to the grand challenges facing this world. It   offers spaces custom-built for collaboration , equipped with cutting-edge   tools to make concepts concrete.

Download the   slides >>



Playfulness   and Innovation (Bedley brothers interview) Feb 2015


WATCH   these short VIDEO clips:
  - Dealing with   Information Overload
- Rethinking   the World
  - The Power of   Technology
  - What is   Ubiquitous Computing?




Future of Manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing



Future of Manufacturing


The Maker Movement


Future of Manufacturing


The Retail Transformation


Future of Manufacturing


A     Consumer Driven Culture of Health


Future of Manufacturing


The     Lifetime Learner


Performance   Ecosystems: A decision framework to take performance to the next level No   company is an island—each operates within ecosystems. Yet most companies lack   a robust decision framework to choose those ecosystems and understand the   implications of their choice. This report   defines ecosystems and assesses the value ecosystems create, as well as   the social software and other technology that can be used to manage and   deploy them. What are the potential risks associated with different types of   ecosystems, and how might those risks be mitigated?

Passion at work: Cultivating passion as a cornerstone of talent   developmentIn this new economic landscape, companies need workers who can   embrace challenges and connect with others to drive extreme and sustained   performance improvement. Yet, only 12% of the workforce has such passion. Our   latest report, Passion   at work: Cultivating passion as a cornerstone of talent development,   draws on quantitative data and in-depth interviews to lay out predictive   guidance and practical steps organizations can take to foster the behaviors   that lead to the rapid and continuous learning for the twenty-first century.



Reimagining the University

What would happen if we turned the University inside-out? What   if we moved course content to the outside, as resources to be used?

Download the   >>slides



Making dumb things   smart
  Our physical world is now technology-enabled by the digitization of   everything from books to movies to tools—such as the flashlights, cameras,   calculators, day planners, music players, and bus schedules that now reside   on our smartphones.

Local tech   platforms uncover neighborhood secrets
  The conference   paradox: In-person matters when you live on the edge

The farmer, the   food truck, and the foodie

As the maker   movement surges, so do "stories" of creation

More >>


Navigating The Big   Shift
  The Edge Series   pocket-guides provide a shorthand reference to the "Big Shift"   phenomenon reshaping the global business environment.

The Edge Series

  Shift Happens: How   the world is changing and what you need to do about itby John Hagel, John Seely Brown and   Duleesha Kulasooriya

Scaling Edges: How   to radically transform your organizationby John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Duleesha   Kulasooriya

Institutional Innovation:   How to help your organization learn faster and thriveby John Hagel, John Seely Brown and   Duleesha Kulasooriya


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