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The Association's purpose is
lifelong learning about
digital solutions
persons over 60 years through information sharing and collaboration
using video chat tools
(Skype / Skype for Business).

  • "my good friends" is a non-profit organization for 60+ by 60+ with focus on digital solutions
  • Each country has their own organization and country board
  • Lifelong learning using information sharing with help of modern technology
  • Consider and discuss the benefit of digital solutions giving improvements for 60+ in:
    • SmartTravel - Easy and convenient plan and book journeys ("SmartTravel")
    • SmartHouse - Useful aids for home ("SmartHouse")
    • SmartHealth - Preventing physical and mental health ("SmartHealth")
    • SmartTeam - Participate in social actions and networks ("SmartTeam")
    • SmartDevice - Devices with an OS (Operating System) ("SmartDevice")